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Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr.

Rent the whole set of costumes for $1000 (+ security deposit and shipping). Renter responsible for shipping.

Multiple sizes available for most characters.

"Amazing, Colorful, and Unique! It all flows together like Magic"

"No one else has costumes like these! I would never have thought of Madame as a Vanity!"

~Comments by audience members

Contact us for an inventory of available costumes.

Prince Ali, Harem Girls, Genie

Full cast



Various villagers Belle Ballgown


various villagers Narrators

Cogsworth & Babette

inkwell and coatrackLumiere and CandleticksMadame & Booknapkins

milkmaidVarious villagers

Milk Maid & Monsueir Darque

Gaston & LefouSilly Girls2

Gaston & Lefou & Silly Girls

Human objectsPotts Family Human

Human Again

(Pic on left) Back row: Lumiere, Cogsworth. Front Row: Babette, Madame

(Pic on right) Smudge, Scratch, Sugar, Mrs. Potts, Dent, Chip, Honey

Jafar & Guards


SpicesHuman Spices

Spices (our youngest cast members)

Top pic = objects lower pic = Human Again


Enchanted Rose

Glass dome and pedestal not included


  • With a fresh new take on this timeless classic, you won't find costumes like these anywhere else!
  • Included in full set rental is the Rose Illusion just like the ones used in the Broadway tour!
  • Prosthetics (Beast, Lumiere, teacup handles) were designed and created for this show by a special effects team from major motion pictures!
  • Taking inspiration from the many retellings of this story through the ages, the costumes are designed to highlight the timelessness of the tale as well as to ease in the transition from Object to Human!
  • Rental includes options for either youth or teen/adult actors in most principal roles.

What is the concept?

Beauty and the Beast is a timeless tale with many retellings through the ages and around the world. Taking inspiration from various eras, each costume adds to the rich depth of the timlessness of the tale:

  • Madame: Instead of the common interpretation of Madame becoming a boxy wardrobe, our Madame instead is becoming a vanity. With inspiration from the French Restoration, the object to human transformation is simple. Just remove the "vanity table top skirt" and the mirror on the bodace, and Madame is once again ready to sing in the grand opera!

  • Cogsworth: Although still tightly wound, our Cogsworth fits into Shakespeare's era, complete with clock face neck ruffle! To become human, simply remove the clock face ruff and the pendulum!

  • Lumiere: Handsome and dashing in gold tail coat and top hat, Lumiere lights up the stage with his charm, and the working lights in his hat and hand candles. Designed and created for this show by Silverado Studios, no one can hold a candle to Lumiere and his fellow candlesticks (yes, the 2 fellow candle sticks come complete with candle hats, but these 2 don't light up)

  • Babette: Taking inspiration from the 1920s flappers, Babettes flirty style mirrors the silhoutte of a feather duster. Remove the tulle feather skirt, and Babette is fully human!

  • Mrs. Potts: The perfect Motherly figure to the teacups and spices, Mrs. Potts is a elegant English teapot. With a simple transformation, the actress playing Mrs. Potts even has time to help the teacups with their transformation!

  • Chip & Siblings: Unable to choose just one talented youth to play Chip? We cast 6! Chip, Dent, Smudge, and Scratch were all teacups, but instead of being confined to a cart or hidden inside a teacup, these upside down teacups allowed the actors more freedom to dance and move. Also cast were Honey and Sugar. Transformations for all the teacup siblings consist of removing the teacup (or bowl) skirt and hat.

  • Spices: Our 9 youngest cast members won the audiences hearts as the adorable little spices. These preschool actors stole the stage with their featured spot in "Be Our Guest" and then again during the finale when they reappeared as colorful mini-chefs.