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Roles are available for Youth ages 4-18 of all experience levels

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Roles in this musical adventure:


Courageous, resilient, young leader; Future Chief of Motonui; Adventurous dreamer and innovative, determined problem solver; Loving and loyal but willing to challenge the status quo in order to bring positive change to her community; Strong singer/dancer with wide dramatic range.
Gender: Female Vocal range top: D5 Vocal range bottom: G3


Demigod of wind and sea; Shapeshifter; Singer, dancer with strong comedic timing and dramatic range; Forgotten hero longing for acceptance; At times insecure and selfish with a redeeming heart. A demigod and master Wayfinder with charisma to spare and a reputation of being a trickster. Despite his hard exterior, Maui becomes a wonderful friend and mentor to Moana throughout their journey. Actor with great comic timing who can portray this shapeshifter’s larger-than-life personality through big gestures and high energy, making moments like “You’re Welcome” true showstoppers. Note: The character Maui is based on the fabled Pacific Island demigod, so respect and caution will be considered in costuming and portrayal.
Gender: Male. Vocal range top: B3 Vocal range bottom: G2


3+ Singers, dancers and storytellers who are the keepers of legends and Moana’s spirit guides; Featured soloists.
Vocal range top: A4. Vocal range bottom: G3

Te Fiti/Ta Ka:

This group of performers will portray both the Goddess of Life and the Demon of fire and lava. Led by a strong singer/dancer with commanding stage presence that may also double in one or more ensembles. Acrobatic skills a plus.

Young Moana:

Featured moment in opening scene. Will double in the one or more of the Ensembles. Wide-eyed, strong-willed, playful, smart, curious; In awe of the ocean; Unfazed by the busy village around her.

Gramma Tala:

All-knowing, free-spirited, loving grandma of Moana; Singer, Unshakeable integrity, carriage of truth, and sense of self. She is the village storyteller known for being eccentric and dancing to the beat of her own drum. playful actor and singer who can balance comic timing in “Where You Are (Part 2)” with heartfelt sincerity in “Song of the Ancestors.”
Gender: Female. Vocal range top: B4 Vocal range bottom: G3

Chief Tui:

Moana’s loving and protective father; Chief of Motonui; Commanding leader with a repressed, adventurous spirit; Singer.The proud leader of Motunui and Moana’s father. He prioritizes the safety of his people and his family. Mature and poised actor who can sing very well. May dpuble in the Tatau and /or Lalotai ensemble.
Gender: Male. Vocal range top: A#2. Vocal range bottom: E2


Moana’s loving and supportive mother; Poised, graceful, strong; Singer. She is compassionate, perceptive, and strong-willed, and trusts her daughter to make the right decisions. confident singer and actor who can embody a mature and respected leader. May double in the Tatau, Lalotai, and/or tamatoa ensembles.
Gender: Female. Vocal range top: C#5 Vocal range bottom: C#4

Motonui Islanders

Strong, warm, hardworking village of Polynesian dancers and singers; Represent cultural values of unity, compassion and humility; Illustrate traditions and stories of island’s past and present. Featured lines and/or solos.


Moana’s fiercely loyal friend. Pua always supports Moana – even if it means facing her own fears. Confident actor/singer.
Vocal range top: C#5. Vocal range bottom: B3


Moana’s not-so-bright friend. Hei Hei is well-meaning but naive. Actor who can portray Hei Hei’s innocence and own both speaking and singing solos in “Where You Are (Part 2),” How Far I’ll Go,” and “We Know the Way (Finale).”
Vocal range top: C#5. Vocal range bottom: B3


Vain, self-absorbed crab; Overcompensates for deep insecurities; Thrives on attention; Character actor, singer,The vicious and egotistical giant crab who lives in Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters. Tamatoa enjoys gathering shiny baubles to add to an ever-growing collection. For this self-centered crab with a keen sense of showmanship, tea, of 3+ actors who aren't afraid to own the stage and really shine.
Vocal range top: B4 Vocal range bottom: B3


Powerful, beautiful, strong and flowing force throughout the show that helps carry the storyline and characters’ journeys across time and islands; Acrobatic and/or poi skills a plus. The youngest performers will be featured in this group.

singer/dancers featured in “You’re Welcome;” Help tell the legends of Maui; 

Monsters of Lalotai
Character actors and dancers; Featured in “Warrior Face” & “Shiny;” Acrobatic skills a plus